Sewer Use Ordinances  
As part of its Clean Waterways Program, the Frankfort Sewer Department (FSD) is working to minimize the addition of stormwater to the city's sewer system. This is because rainwater can overwhelm the sewers, causing contaminated water to overflow into area waterways and other parts of our community.

Both the City of Frankfort and Franklin County have in place ordinances that define what property owners can and cannot connect to the sewer system. For example, it is illegal to connect sump pumps to the separate sanitary sewer system, and any property that is found to do so will require corrective action.

The owner of every property that connects to the sewer system has a responsibility to comply with these ordinances. To help them do so, the Frankfort Sewer Department  will soon begin conducting inspections of residential and commercial properties in various areas of the city and county to determine whether properties and improvements on them are illegally connected to the sanitary sewer system.

 When illegal connections are found, property owners will be granted a reasonable period of time — after  written notice — to correct the situation and comply with the ordinances. The FSD is prepared to work with property owners to identify alternatives to illegal connections.

In the meantime, property owners may want to perform their own inspections of downspouts, drains and sump pumps to determine whether they are illegally connected to the sanitary sewer system. Ideally, these situations would be corrected before the FSD begins its property inspections.

While our initial focus will be on areas served by the sanitary sewer system, you can help even if your property is in an area served by the combined sewer system. That’s because storm water that enters the combined system sometimes exceeds that system’s capacity, contributing to the problem. For that reason, property owners in areas served by the combined sewer system are encouraged to disconnect any sump pumps, drains and downspouts from the  sewers. Although these connections are technically  legal, they contribute to pollution in our area’s waterways.

View a diagram of illegal connections.

Download a copy of our brochure about Sewer Use Ordinances.

Download a copy of the City of Frankfort and Franklin County Sewer Use Ordinances and/or other helpful documents.

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